Any tips on getting better at drawing? I'm awful at it and want to get better

Dude, never stop drawing! Draw everyday. Keep drawing. Try different styles, even if you don’t like’em. Consume all kinds of media so you can get lots of different ideas, inspiration and viewpoints. Don’t keep watching, listening and reading the same kind of things you’re used to.

Start with simple things, but try harder drawings later. Get out of your comfort zone and create things that you are not used to or that you would never do, or even things you don’t like. Have a favorite artist for inspiration, check all his/her stuff.

Talk with people about art. Take suggestions, critics, compliments, always trying to improve yourself. Study a lot. And again, the most important thing: Never stop drawing :D

I used to draw a lot when I was a kid
(7-10 years old), and for someone of my age, I was really good at it. But then I stopped and just started to draw again when I was 17 years old, and goddammit, my art was crappy as hell, but it just happened because I stopped and lost interest.

Since then, I started to draw really constantly, and I recovered my interest on it. My art is still really amateurish in my opinion, but I want to be better, so after graduating in advertising college I gonna get into animation and visual arts schools and courses so I can get better. I wanna work with it in the future, so I’ll never stop drawing.


Your blog/designs are a very pleasant surprise! Thanks for the laughs (especially at the Zelda gif) and the inspiration! ^_^

Thank you!!!!!!! :D

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era só um elogio, mas muito obrigado pela resposta!

Huhauhauhua, valew! :D

se eu fizer publicidade vou conseguir fazer desenhos legais que nem você

É difícil haver um ensino muito aprofundado relacionada à artes e design na faculdade de publicidade e propaganda, então tudo que eu aprendi foi oriundo da internet. O máximo que você aprende da área na faculdade de PP são noções básicas de direção de arte e manuseio básico de softwares gráficos (como Photoshop e Illustrator), além de conhecimentos breves em vídeo e fotografia.

This is it you guys

This is it you guys